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Bridget’s Diary: Worried about my first client . . . you bet I was!


She’s a real gem of a lady. Sweet, quiet, and shy (like me upon greeting); we were worried about our days together. Thank God that we were soon fast friends!

An extraordinary pianist in her Church, with only a minimal amount of higher education in music, she often honed her skill on a piano at home that was just a wee bit out of tune.  At times her cat would even get in on the act when she dusted her beloved piano, and tapped its paw playfully on a few ivory keys! Even though her mind held fast to the musical notes, there were recognizable flashes of forgetfulness in other areas, from skipped meals and/or medicine, which can be a serious concern for a diabetic.

As her friend and caregiver, I was able to learn about her and her personal needs, providing assistance in these small but significant areas of her life, so that living separate from family made it that much easier for her during my time there.

I’m thankful that her family chose Stay at Home Senior Care to help meet her needs, and am blessed to have been her friend and caregiver for so many years.