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“Pauline’s Prattle” in the Wake Forest Weekly!

Pauline's Prattle-featureI have fond memories of a beloved woman from Wake Forest who was a blessing to care for. Her life was filled with many different roles, from wife, mother, and aunt, to her most famous role of all – Wake Weekly Columnist.   For over forty years, this knowledgeable lady was most famous for her column in the Wake Forest Weekly Newspaper. Everybody loved to read “Pauline’s Prattle.”

Sharp as a tack, she loved to read the Wake Forest Weekly, and the daily N&O, from front to back page! What an inspirationally avid reader!

As a caregiver to this rich in spirit woman, I got to really know her personally as a friend. Going for a hair appointment, out shopping, or even having friends over for refreshments always made her day. She loved to be the socialite! Even on a challenging day, she was a gracious lady.

Through the years that she was part of the Stay at Home family, I’ll always be thankful and blessed to have been her caregiver, and especially for the times that I had the privilege to take dictation and send the article off to the presses!