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Our Three-Step Approach To Support

We understand that many families feel stress, fatigue, confusion, anxiety and a host of other emotions when trying to determine the best care programs for elderly family members. Let us support you and share the load.

Step One: In-Home Consultation

We offer a unique three-step approach to initiating services. The first step in our process is a professional in-home consultation and RN assessment. This allows us to learn more about you, your family and the type of care your loved one needs. We will also answer any questions related to senior care options. If home care is appropriate, we will work together during this session to build a personalized plan.

Step Two: Caregiver Selection

The second step in the process is to select a qualified caregiver who will best fit the needs and preferences of you and your family. First, we determine the clinical skills required for your family member. Next, we evaluate the demeanor of the caregiver we choose. We know some people bond better with caregivers that are “soft spoken” or “calm-natured”. Other people thrive with energetic and outgoing caregivers. Finally, we consider the long term availability of the caregiver. We will always try to minimize the number of different people your family member needs to work with. Consistency equals success!

Step Three: Personal Introduction

The third step is the personal introduction. Our Family Services Director will accompany our caregiver to your home and personally introduce her/him to your family. We do this for several reasons. First, we care about our people and want them to be successful. We know that when we provide this caregiver introduction that a smooth transition is much more easily achieved. Second, we want to make sure your family is comfortable and that all of the care plan details are clearly communicated. Helping people feel at ease may be the single-most important part of the service we provide. We take great pride in this unique part of our program.

Ongoing Family Support

When you enlist services from Stay At Home Senior Care, you become a member of our client family. As a member of our family, we will be there for you. We commit to staying in contact to provide any ongoing supervision and support you may need. A variety of experienced professionals are ready to help, including a Certified Senior Advisor, RN Supervisor and a family counselor. They are all available free of charge to help with any education or information needed. We will stay in contact with your family throughout the time that we are caring for your loved one and provide continual support and peace of mind along the way. If your family’s needs change or additional resources become necessary, we can help with guidance throughout your journey.