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Teacher Extraordinaire!

Mrs. RagusaI had the extreme pleasure of caring for a woman who taught me many things. From her teaching career, to her Christian-Judeo faith, there was always some tidbit of knowledge she passed on that made me think about how it relates to my life. Talking about a variety of subjects kept our minds quite sharp!

Teaching middle school several decades ago in upstate New York was a passion for this knowledgeable woman that loved to share her students’ successes. Our success as “sisters in faith” brought us closer to Jesus through Bible study. I often noticed homemaking products, asking how they were done, which she proudly shared. With her decreasing eyesight, I offered and she accepted, to let me read to her and occasionally sew. A few favorite pastimes were watching her flowering plants and nature grow, showing off “diamonds” on her magnolia tree leaves, hair appointments to gossip with the ladies, and comparing real life situations to the often-watched Hallmark Channel.

She was a delightful, intelligent woman that loved to open herself to others in her daily life. She also enjoyed sharing the lesson plans God created in her life. I was honored to call this woman my teacher and friend, and am truly thankful that her family trusted the Stay at Home Senior Care staff to take care of her needs for more than eight years as our beloved client.