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Bev Jepson!

When asked about her passion for helping seniors, Bev shared, “My eyes and heart were opened to the needs of our elderly when my mother, who was a tower of strength, fell and broke her hip at age 89 and she could no longer care for my youngest sister who had Down’s Syndrome and was advancing with Alzheimer’s. My married sister and I cared for them at home until it was no longer possible. The experience opened my eyes to not only their physical needs but, more importantly, to their emotional needs.”

Bev has loved the opportunity Stay at Home Senior Care has given her to provide care for seniors in the Wake Forest community. “We owe them so much when you consider the hardship that many of them have endured in their lifetimes to give us the opportunities we have today. I love listening to their stories and looking at their photo albums from years ago. It is amazing to look at their photos as young people and to see the character that is etched on their faces today. It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to serve and give back a little to them at this stage of their lives.”

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Bev moved to Wake Forest in 2006 following her daughter’s family. She starts the citizenship process in July, and looks forward to becoming a US citizen soon. Her three children and nine grandchildren are the absolute joy of her heart.

Bev has also become heavily involved in serving her Church, Friendship Baptist. She volunteers in a ladies’ Bible study as well as the children’s ministries (two and three-year-olds), and recently has participated in outreach to the Hispanic community with English as a second language (ESL) courses.

She just celebrated her fourth anniversary with Stay at Home – CONGRATULATIONS from all of us. We love you, Bev, and are blessed to have you on the team!